As it gets smarter, so do you

Facilitate faster workflows and experience greater control and visibility over your trade data.

Accelerate the entire classification process

AI and Machine Learning combined to continually improve customs classifications and processes

Customisable central data repository

The ‘source of truth’ for your product classification, comprising a centralised dashboard and reporting, integrated customs data and near real time visibility. Helps with accurate and consistent classification across divisions and borders and gives you the flexibility to customise based on local regulatory requirements.  

Interactive global mapping

Interactive mapping that visualises current allocation of duties paid worldwide so you can assess potential savings available through free trade and the customs value and savings schemes across different countries. 

AI supported duty analysis and optimisation

Optimised trade data analytics and reporting that gets smarter over time, featuring predictive insights and comparisons into current and future duty trends, detection of overpaid duty, efficient identification of refund opportunities and real time relationships between country tariff and cost of goods. 

Track, measure and monitor performance

Diagnostic tools and dashboards to measure and monitor Key Performance Indicators that help to strengthen import processes, improve efficiency and accuracy of live classifications, guide any corrective action required and enhance visibility of non-compliance or duty leakage.

Data integration and API connections

Capability to integrate data from multiple platforms including logistics and e-commerce platforms, featuring connectivity via various API formats, capability to provide API connections and capability to implement various EDI integrations.

Data security

Best practice data management and security that includes best-in-class cloud hosted technology, continuous penetration testing, customised User and Access Management, no collection of PII and encrypted and secure data storage.

See how it works

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